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Mobile Safety and Security Leader

A Tradition of Innovation, Quality and Service Since 1988

True Full HD 720p Video

A Breakthrough in Mobile Video: True HD!  We have been providing  high-quality mobile video products longer than anyone else–since 1991!  We offer the highest quality at the most affordable price. Compare, and you’ll see!

Economical High-Res Quality

Full D1 High Resolution Video is the next best thing to True HD, and at a very economical cost.  Full-featured systems to suit every requirement, from single to four channels–including WiFi real-time options.

The Original–The Reliable

Our Bus-Scan® is the market leader, and here’s why:  We’ve been making this type of product longer than anyone else–since 1996!

The only system that offers a wireless version to save on the cost and time of installation–No nuisance false alarms, as with other systems.

More Effective Than Signs

Helps to prevent accidents in the danger zones around vehicles. Warning messages can be sounded when trigger inputs are activated. These triggers can be from lights, doors or switches.  Programmed with the most commonly required messages, with thousands available in multiple languages.

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

You have Choices!  We offer a wide variety of products and models to suit your requirements.