A New Solution For You…

The Bus-Scan CR2 is a drop-in replacement for the popular (but now defunct) CRS Child Reminder.  It is a specialized version of our traditional BS 300 series, and seamlessly plugs right into your existing wiring harness–easily and quickly.

Although it is not meant to be an exact recreation of the CRS units (the two mounting holes are slightly different), it fulfills these criteria:

  • It is plug & play, with a totally-compatible connector, and uses the wiring from your existing CRS CR2B installation.
  • It relies on your door sensors to ‘captivate’ drivers until the system has been properly disarmed by inspection.
  • The system can be armed by stop arm or flasher activation OR
  • The system can arm automatically, after the ignition has been on for 10 minutes with the doors closed (user-selectable).
  • If a driver fails to disarm the system and attempts to exit the bus, the horn will be activated.
  • To reset an alarm, the driver must recycle the ignition, then complete the inspection & disarm properly.
  • NOTE: The mounting centers of the Bus-Scan CR2  are 4.1″,  slightly smaller than the CRS unit (4.2″).
  • Available Harness,  Disarm Switch, Remote LED for New Installations.

What if I Want to Add a Complete System, and Not Just Replace a Unit?

No Problem…we can provide “build your own system” solutions, too…

No waste…purchase only what you need.

Part Order Number
Bus-Scan CR2 Unit 105963
Master Power/Signal Wiring Harness 106000
Remote Disarming Switch w/Cable 103547
Remote LED Status Light w/Cable 106002

Technical Information

Document Download Link
Bus-Scan CR2 Brochure Download
Bus-Scan CR2 Manual Download
Bus-Scan CR2 Door Switch Accessory Download

Comparison of Bus-Scan® CR2 and CRS Features


Ignition ON prepares system for operation.

Arming Signal (+12v) ARMS the System OR...

System arms automatically after 10 minutes with both doors closed (user-selected).

Has 2 Door-sensing inputs: One is +12v activated, one is ground activated.

Has 2 Disarm inputs (Ground activated).  Interior lights will flash twice to confirm.

Exit Courtesy Lights can be interrupted by Ignition-on, for immediate readiness.

Reminder tone sounds when Armed & Ignition is turned off, and interior lights are automatically activated.

Ignition must be OFF to disarm system.

If any door is opened during the Reminder state, the horn will Alarm by pulsing 1/2 second on / 1/2 second off.

Ignored-horn Fail-safe:  An ignored Horn Alarm will cease sounding after 5 minutes, to preserve battery power and horn function.

If the system is in an Alarm-state, the Ignition must be recycled to start the Inspection/Disarm sequence again.  The system will not permit an exit without alarming until the proper disarm has been performed.

Upon disarm, the interior lights will remain ON for a period of 60 seconds, for help in safely exiting the vehicle.

Entry Courtesy Lights will be activated for 60 seconds upon first entry (door opened, if closed / door closed, if open).  Activating Ignition will cancel lights.

If Ignition is ON and a door is opened, Interior Lights will  activate to help guide passengers on & off the vehicle. The lights will be turned OFF upon door opening.

Dual-row 6-position connector for Power & Signals

Single-row 2-position connector for Remote LED

User-programmable features via DIP Switch.