Bus-Scan® ALERT

Sends Critical Alerts to your Smart Phone!

  • Sends Alarm Text Messages to your Smart Phone

  • Sends the vehicle’s GPS Location

  • Can notify when a Child Check isn’t performed

  • Provides Ability for a Driver Panic Button for real-time emergencies

  • Input for Motion Sensor (sensor is optional) for after-hours detection

  • Input for Door Sensor/Switch (optional items) to help prevent after-hours vandalism

  • User-settable operation rules

  • Quick Retrofit to Your Existing Child Reminder

  • Easy installation–no special tools or under-hood components.

  • Can work with other brand reminders

  • Visual and Audible Notifications

  • Has output for an optional siren

  • Just add your phone carrier’s SIM card to communicate

  • Works with AT&T and Verizon systems (others on request)

Having our Bus-Scan® Child Reminders is a great way to ensure the safety of kids on school buses.  It’s a familiar and proven way to sound the alarm when a seat check hasn’t been performed properly.

Now there’s a way to extend the reach of that alarm–to your smart phone!  As good as a vehicle alarm is, it can walked away from–ignored.  It doesn’t happen often, but when it does–you’ll know.  Immediately.

You’ll know about other alarm conditions, too.  You can use up to three other inputs* to report emergency states on the vehicle, including a Driver Panic Button, and Motion & Door Intrusion alarms for after-hours monitoring.  Those can help to detect remaining children or vandalism.

When an alarm occurs, the Bus-Scan® ALERT will send a text message to your smart phone, with the nature of the alarm, the time & date, and the location of the vehicle.  You can designate up to two recipients for the messages, set the vehicle ID and other operational behavior by just sending it a simple text message from your phone.

Call to find out more about this revolutionary way to add an additional measure of safety to Bus-Scan®.  By the way, the Bus-Scan® ALERT will work with most other system brands too, as an easy retrofit.

*Additional alarms can require optional devices.  Please call for details and pricing.

Bus-Scan ALERT with GPS

Order Number: 106657